photo: CMC Spring Valley RA staff

We hope you enjoy getting to know our Residence Life staff.

Spring Valley Staff

My name is Jordan, I’m one of the Senior Resident Assistants at Spring Valley. I’m in my senior year of the BS:BA program and I’m currently looking at grad schools. I enjoy reading and drawing as well as roller blading when the weather permits. I’m very excited to be working at CMC again this year.

photo: Megan Pickthall

Megan Pickthall

Hi there! My name is Megan Pickthall I am one of the Senior Resident Assistants here at Sopris Hall. This is my fourth and final year here at CMC. I am getting my Bachelors of Business with an Emphasis in Marketing. I enjoy crafting, knitting and sewing, I love to be outdoors and hang out with friends. I became an RA an because I wanted to help residents have a great time at college! I am so excited to continue doing what I love and help make a difference here at CMC.

photo: Ashley ThomasHey, I’m Ashley Thomas! I am currently working on getting my BSBA here at CMC. In my free time, I love being outdoors, going on adventures, and hanging out with my friends. I became an RA because it holds so many amazing opportunities, and I enjoy making sure the people around me have the best possible experience in college! I am very excited to get to know everyone and have an amazing year!

photo: Jack Kisch

Jack Kisch

Hello my name is Jack Kisch and I am one of the nine resident assistants for the CMC Spring Valley campus. I am a second year student going towards my BSN which I hope to obtain in the next few years. I love anything that has to do with the outdoors and enjoy going on day adventures, which the valley never seems to run out of. I look forward to the up coming year and getting to know all the new and returning residents.

photo: Hannah Wilkinson

Hannah Wilkinson

Hey, I’m Hannah! This is my second year as an RA on campus. I am studying elementary education. I am from North Dakota and came out here for college. Some of my hobbies include playing volleyball, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and anything that gets my heartbeat racing! I am so excited for this semester to begin. I love getting to meet my residents and make the res hall feel like home!

photo: Dakota Roark

Dakota Roark

My name is Dakota Roark, I am an RA at Spring Valley and I am currently working on my BS: BA in order to pursue a career in student affairs and higher education. Residence Life is my passion and I hope to do it for the rest of my life.

photo: Rachel Clark

Rachel Clark

Hello! I’m Rachel! This is my second year being an RA. I am studying elementary education and will be graduating next year. I enjoy being outdoors and doing things like hiking, rafting, tubing, and hot springs! I love to be creative and I enjoy learning new things. I am excited to enjoy the upcoming year!

photo: Olivia Stensland

Liv Stensland

Hey! Im Liv, I’m a first year RA and a first year Vet Tech Kid! I’m Cali born but Co Raised! My hobbies include pointing out every dog I see, unironically looking for Cryptids, and watching too much Sailor Moon. I also play a little bit of D&D and Magic the Gathering! I am so excited to get to know everyone this year and spread a little positivity!

photo: Makena Seaver

Makena Seaver

Hello, i’m Makena Seaver. I’m double majoring in business with a focus on management and psychology. I am passionate about traveling, playing the harp, poorly made horror movies, reading, and devoting time to doing new things. I am excited for this year, all the new residents, and all the opportunities for growth!

photo: Alex Grove

Alex Grove

Hey, I’m Alex! This is my first year being an RA on campus. I am currently getting my degree in Professional Photography as well as a Bachelors in Business Leadership and management. I love reading, watching movies and musicals and playing volleyball. I am super excited for this year and getting to know everyone, new and returning!

photo - Alisha Maes

Alisha Maes

Hello I am the Assistant Coordinator of Student Life. It is my honor to help students transition into college from all walks of life. This is my fourth year working as a professional staff member and being the live-in professional in the residence hall for CMC. I enjoy helping students get involved and stay connected through the entire school year. Please let me know if there is any way that I can assist you and help you to be a successful resident in our amazing community.