Colorado Mountain College students in a residence hall room

Things to Consider with Your New Roommate

Keep in mind, good communication of roommate expectations in the beginning will prevent many conflicts.

The Room:

When you move in, arrange the room together so that it feels like “home” to both of you.  And when the mood strikes to change things around, consult your roommate first!  Think about and discuss:

 Do you both feel a sense of ownership over this new space?

 Is the room comfortable for both of you?

 Is neatness important to one or both of you?

My Stuff/Your Stuff/Our Stuff:

Sharing everything may not be the healthiest approach.  Discuss the following:

 Will you both have equal access to the computer, stereo, microwave, TV, refrigerator, etc., no matter who brought them?

 Is it okay to borrow one another’s clothes, sports equipment, toiletries, etc.?  If so, under what conditions?

 What is okay to share and what should stay put?

Room Guests:

Talk about the following so that guests don’t come between you:

 If people drop in while one roommate is studying, how will you handle it?

 Do each of you get enough “alone time” in the room?

 Are overnight guests acceptable? Under what conditions?

 If one of you is gone for the weekend, is it okay for a guest to use your bed?


In addition, Residence Life Staff is available to help you through the process of living with a roommate.